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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is my first year what do I need to know?
A: Please click on this link it will give you a good head start.

Q: When are final on time signups?
A: Two weeks before equipment handouts.
After that the fee goes up $10, and you risk not be placed back on your team.

Q: Who do I call if I have a problem?
A:    3rd and 4th Grades  Bob Fitzgerald e-mail
       5th Grade
       6th Grade  
7th Grade Not Set Yet
8th Grade Not Set Yet

       All web or online payment issues Speed Hull 209-5199

Q: We had an accident on the field what do we do?
A: 1. Notify the Head Coach
    2. Follow this link and fill out the form. Accident Form
Our insurance is secondary to yours, if you do not have insurance ours becomes the primary.

Q: When are games?
A: Most games are on Saturday.
A 2: Fitz league scrimmages will be on Wednesdays

Q: How can I get on my friends team?
A: You might not.
    Teams are assigned based on geographic regions, split primarily by CHS and LCHS boundaries. These boundaries are then split into smaller  sections in an attempt to create a team size of 22 players. This is all done on a first come first serve basis in the 5th grade, if you sign up late or come into the league in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade you will be placed on the team that the league selects, based on team size and area.

Q: Can we buy our own uniforms?
A: Yes But.....
A: They must be league approved; and you must attend a board meeting to get full instructions.
A: They must be donated to the league when done

Q: What color football pants can I wear to games?
A: You may ONLY where White pants in 3rd & 4th Grade, Black pants in 5th-8th no stripes or logos.

Q: How often does my player need to get a physical?
A: Physicals are good for 2 years just like the High Schools.
    Click here if you need a form to take to your Doctor


Q: When does my player need to have the physical form to the coach?
A: Physicals are required by equipment handout day.
A2: Fitz league will be required by equipment handout day.

Forms and Documents

Registration Form.pdf

Accident Form

2012 Insurance.pdf




Sports Physical Form


Mission Statement
The mission of the Coeur d'Alene Junior Tackle Football Association is to support a football league which is developmental yet competitive. It will teach good citizenship, and good sportsmanship along with the fundamentals of football. Our board and coaches will encourage commitment, self-discipline, responsibility, team work, fair play, and an appreciation for and knowledge of the game of football in an atmosphere of enjoyment and respect for self and others.
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