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Bowl Game Matchups and Times
7th Grade  Person Field
Team Win Loss Tie Seed
CDA Jaguars 6 1 0 1 West 11:00 AM
Timberlake 6 1 0 2
SV Storm 5 1 0 3 East 11:00 AM
CDA Raiders 4 3 0 4
Lakeland Gold 1 3 0 5 East 9:00 AM
CDA Bucs 0 4 0 6
CDA Steelers 0 3 0 7 West 9:00 AM
Lakeland Green 0 2 0 8
8th Grade 
Win Loss Tie Seed
Vikings 7 0 0 1 West 3:00 PM
Packers 6 1 0 2
Ducks 5 2 0 3 East 3:00 PM
Raiders 4 3 0 4
Chargers 4 3 0 5 West 1:00 PM
Lakeland Green 1 4 0 6
SV Storm 1 5 0 7 East 1:00 PM
Timberlake 1 4 0 8

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Junior Tackle Game Schedules  Click Here Revised 9/11

5th to 8th Grade game pants are BLACK this year!!
3rd and 4th are still White

Regular Season Signups are still open
CLICK HERE to get started
On time signups are over, we will still place all signups but it can be out of your area.

We are looking for 3 or 4 people to run our new video trailer
If you have the skills and would be willing to help
please contact any board member

High School Camps

CHS Aug 20-21 Click Here Free!

Game Results Form
Standings Page

FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS for 6-8th graders

No appointment needed for Junior Tackle Players

Northwest Urgent Care
Corner of Hwy 95 & Dalton Ave

The Fitz League will practice and play at Person Field 5:00 to 7:00 starting Monday Aug 19th

Announcing CDA Junior Cheer brough to you by Spotlight Studios   CLICK HERE for more information

Who to call if you have a problem

3rd and 4th Grades
Bob Fitzgerald 772-3995

5th Grade
Speed Hull 209-5199

6th Grade

7th Grade
Jeff Zurosky 819-9040

8th Grade

Web Issues
Speed Hull 209-5199

 Please keep in mind that each player will more than likely remember something about their Junior Tackle experience for the rest of their lives, make sure it is something good!

Remember if you are a CDA team you are to help setup and take down the fields in CDA.

It is NOT just the home teams responsibility. 

If you are out of town make sure your sideline is clean before you leave,
you are representing our league wherever you are!

 Please remember there are NO animals allowed on Person Field or Canfield
Please make sure your family members know this also.

 Refund Policy

Due to insurance costs if you quit after August 25th, the maximum amount of refund will be $65 JR Tackle and $45 Fitz.
Maximum credit card refund is 90% due to transaction cost.
After the first game there will be no refunds.

Please tell your parents not to park in the alley behind Person field,
it blocks the ambulance from getting in and out of the field.

Privacy Policy- We do not share or store your personal payment information

Mission Statement
The mission of the Coeur d'Alene Junior Tackle Football Association is to support a football league which is developmental yet competitive. It will teach good citizenship, and good sportsmanship along with the fundamentals of football. Our board and coaches will encourage commitment, self-discipline, responsibility, team work, fair play, and an appreciation for and knowledge of the game of football in an atmosphere of enjoyment and respect for self and others.
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